Custom-made mouthguards

The best protection you can offer your smile is a custom-made mouthguard, and Dental Reflections can create the perfect models to suit your individual needs in Chermside and the surrounding areas.

Mouthguards are essential for anyone who enjoys sporting activities where blows to the face are likely, helping to prevent broken teeth and offer protection to the lips, tongue, face and jaw.

Let us help to protect your smile

Let’s be honest; accidents can happen at any time in contact sports. When participating in activities such as hockey, football, basketball, and water polo, your risk of oral injury is significantly increased. To ensure adequate protection, it’s important to wear custom-made mouthguards, tailored to fit perfectly over your teeth and gums.

Often when purchasing standard mouthguards, you’ll notice that they won’t fit neatly and will leave you unprotected. Dental Reflections can design and build professional-standard mouthguards to ensure a snug fit, suitable for any level of competition and compliance.

Mouthguards are especially important for those that wear braces or have fixed bridge work. Our friendly Chermside dentists can help you protect your mouth, giving you the freedom to play your heart out on the field.

Wide range of colours available

At Dental Reflections, we can custom-make mouthguards in a great range of colours to suit your preferences or your sports team’s colours. For more information about the colours available for our custom-made mouthguards, simply give us a call today.

Find out more about our tailor-made mouthguards now by calling us
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